Who we sell to

We equip hide aways, amber lights, spotlights, decals, radios, and more for contracting companies. These companies need proper vehicle equipment to be able to operate their businesses smoothly and safely.

The average driver

Police Departments

Whether you just need a nice personal vehicle that will provide you with great performance, comfort, and dependability with great MPG for a vehicle of its size and power, or if you are looking for a personal fix-it-up yourself project type car, we can find a former police vehicle just right for you, and customize it to your specifications.

We sell and equip new and used vehicles for police departments. We don't just supply police vehicles or equip vehicles, we do both. We supply departments with new or used, fully or partially equipped vehicles, including street packages and fully marked patrol packages. Also, with today's rough economic crisis, many departments are having their budgets squeezed creating a need for a source of inexpensive vehicles to replace their current vehicles with affordable upgrades. We are able to provide competitive prices which can beat the prices of pretty much every one of our competitors on vehciles, equipment, and outfitting services.

Security Agencies

Other Emergency Services

Taxi Companies

Movie and TV Show Agencies

Taxi companies always need cheap cars that will last them a long time of constant use and abuse. Police vehicles are specifically designed for the same types of abuse that cabs endure and are perfect for the job. We can also equip company decals, partitions, and more in the vehicles which can keep drivers safe from robberies or other threats.

Martel EVS services security agencies by providing them with vehicles which intimidate wrong doers into not performing illegal acts. This affect can raise an agency's performance and reputation drastically in a short period of time.

We provide various emergency services with new or used vehicles in the same ways that we do for police departments. Those services can include fire departments, EMS, and more.

We can provide video productions with vehicles that look like they are fresh off the assembly line and placed on the streets which is the kind of look that every production can use. Our movie cars can look like new while remaining extraordinarily cheap so that even if they are being smashed in the production there is no big loss in expenses.

Construction Companies