Here at Martel Autos our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, so we only sell vehicles in the best of condition and do so through our reconditioning process. All of our vehicles go through this process to ensure the very best value and quality possible. We will recondition your vehicle(s), even if you did not purchase them from us.


Process Steps:

-Thorough inspection of mechanical and cosmetic components

-Removal of decals and other government stickers and markings

-Removal of all emergency equipment which will also be reconditioned and equipped on vehicles as specified by our customers

-Repair or replacement of any components that are shown not to meet our standards in our inspection

-Body repair and often times new paint

-Detailed cleaning of the vehicle including residue left from decals and markings, interior cleaning and conditioning, engine compartment cleaning, if necessary waxing of the exterior paint

-Updating of basic maintinence features including fluids, wiper blades, belts, and more if needed


PICT0026 Car-PICT0048



This is an example of a major reconditiong.

Most vehicles begin with less dramatic conditions.