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At Martel EVS we custom outfit vehicles for police, fire, EMS, security, contracting, and more. We offer competitive prices which can match or beat the prices of any other local outfitting shop in the metro Atlanta area. If you have a fleet to equip then we will offer even better prices.


We only use experienced technicians with a backround in emergency vehicle outfitting. These technicians are supervised and every job is inspected and put through several tests before the vehicle is returned to the owner.


We are very attentive to detail when it comes to properly mounting equipment and securing wires. You will never find messy wire bundles or improper mountings like you would with other more expensive outfitters. You will also rarely ever see any visible wires inside or outside of the vehicle. We wrap and secure all visible wires.



You can't beat a lifetime warranty. We are so confident in our services that if anything ever goes wrong with your setup due to an installation error made by one of our technicians then we will fix the problem for free! This warranty is voided however if the installation is tampered with or modified in any way. We know how our installs look and document every order.

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Consoles/Control Centers

        2007 Dodge Charger                                 2004 Ford Expedition

2005 Ford Crown Vic


These two images show our wiring underneath the dashboard on the passenger side of a Ford Crown Vic.

This is an image of underneath the trunk liner of a Crown Vic behind the Taillight. The wiring shown is for the hide away lights installed inside of the taillight.

This is an image of the wiring behind the passenger side kick panel on a Crown Vic. Note that we also utilize stock wire harness tracks for more security.

This image shows the wiring from the trunk and rear shelf of a Crown Vic towards the front of the vehicle.