Current Inventory

Below we have our current inventory listed. We update this page as soon as we purchase another vehicle for resale and keep you updated on the reconditioning and sale status of the vehicle and also show whether we are offering any special offers on the vehicle as well. Click on the details links next to the vehicle that you may be interested in for more information and images.

Vehicle Mileage Color Price Specials Status Details
2001 Ford Crown Vic P71 204,xxx Black $1,500 NONE FOR SALE NONE
2008 Ford Crown Victoria P71 141,xxx Dark Blue $5,500 Push bumper, spot light, tint FOR SALE NONE
2006 Ford Crown Victoria P71 108,xxx Black $4,500 NONE FOR SALE NONE
2005 Ford Crown Vic P71 118,xxx Silver $4,000 Spotlight and Push Bumper FOR SALE NONE
2008 Dodge Charger PP HO V6 106,xxx Black $8,500 NONE FOR SALE NONE
2008 Dodge Charger PP HEMI 115,xxx Metallic Blue $10,000 EQUIPPED FOR SALE NONE


Charger #7