Dodge Charger

We purchased this vehicle from the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The vehicle is a 2007 model police package with the blistering fast 5.7L V8 HEMI engine offered by Dodge/Chrysler. We delivered it back to our technicians where they fully reconditioned and re-equipped the vehicle.


We equipped the vehicle with the following:

-16" custom Havis Shield equipment console

-Go Rhino push bumper

-Unity driver door mount spotlight

-3 antennas

-Window tint

-STL 6 LED Hide Away kit

-STL G-4 grille LED kit

-STL Z-4 side view mirror beams

-STL Slim-8 LED traffic advisor

-STL Slim Grille LED kit

-Star/SVP Mini Phantom

-Whelen Gamma2 siren/switchbox

-Federal Signal Dynamax 100 watt siren speaker

-and more...


To compare the cost of our work to our competitors who mostly provide only vehicles or only equipment, we sold this vehicle, the equipment, and the installation labor for a total of $13,000 to the customer.


Now, to compare the quality of our work check out the media on this page  or click on the link below for Youtube videos of the vehicle. And remember, if you need a custom outfitted police vehicle for official emergency use in the government or private sector then CONTACT US. You won't be sorry.




Charger #7 IMAG0209