05 Crown Vic

We aquired this 2005 Ford Crown Vic P71 from the Sheriff's Department in Witchita, KS. The vehicle had been badly beaten by a Kansas hail storm. The hood, roof, windshield, and trunk had hundreds of tiny dents. The vehicle's interior was also extremely dirty. There was dirt and rocks all over the floor along with various candy wrappers and other trash.






We replaced the hood, trunk, and winshield of the vehicle, patched the dents in the roof, and had it repainted. We then removed all trash and rocks from the interior and vacuumed. After that we scrubbed and shined the flooring, dash, door panels, and other parts of the interior. We even cleaned and shined the engine.

Once we had the vehicle looking like new, we inspected the mechanical condition. This particular vehicle was in good condition so we changed the fluids and moved to the next step.

We then decided to use the vehicle as our company display vehicle and determined what equipment should be outfitted onto it. We then outfitted the vehicle with the following:


-LED light bar

-Windshield police Eclipse bar

-Driver door spotlight

-120 watt six strobe kit

-Headlight flashers

-LED griile kit

-Push Bumper

-LED push bumper lights

-Prisoner partition

-Whelen siren system

-Police equipment console

-Six switch box

-Light bar switch panel

-Laptop mount



-Trunk pack organizer

-Rear window LED directional bar

-License plate LED lights

-And more....


This vehicle was eventually sold to an Atlanta security company once we acquired a new demonstration vehicle. The vehicle now looked like brand new. This vehicle was just another fantastic example of what we are capable of doing with the quality vehicles that we sell here at Martel Autos. Whether you are buying for your company or government fleet, or for your own personal use. And even considering the amount of work we put into each of our vehicles, we still manage to be cheaper than all of our used car dealership competitors in the Atlanta area. This also presents the reason why you should not purchase vehicles from private sellers as you can never be sure that the quality will be as good as when buying from us.